Current and Ongoing Projects and Interests:

The Bethlehem Project
Exploring the Bethlehem Orphan and Half Orphan Asylum, later known as the Bethlehem Children’s Home, 1886-1972.

The Roles of Museums and the Arts in Nation Building
A comparative view at the art, museums and culture centers in the United States of America (including Indian Country), Brazil, New Zealand, North Ireland, and South Africa

Staff Diversity in Museums
Since the publication of Lonnie Bunch’s essay on the struggle for diversity in the museum profession, “Flies in the Buttermilk” (2000), are museum staff members of color still flies in the buttermilk?

Past Projects:

Digging Veritas: The Archaeology and History of the Indian College and Student Life at Colonial Harvard
Community participatory research and formative evaluation

Civic Education and Social Transformation: Goodridge v. Department of Public Health (The Case for Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts): A Lesson in Community Power, Decision Making and Education.

Encouraged to Speak: An Orange Ribbon’s Impact on Motivation, Collaboration and Social Interaction Amongst Museum Visitors
Visitor research study on conversational learning at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Formative evaluation research for Postcards from Buster (The Mykala Pono Buster Big Hawaii Show episode), a WGBH/PBS educational children’s television show

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