New Yorker’s Lament.

Weekly convo with random folks I meet in Austin, TX (although this story could easily take place in many other cities and towns in the US):

“Where are you from?”

I’m from New York.

I'm So NY
Note to self: buy this t-shirt

“Oh? Really, what part?”

New York City.

“How long did you live there?”

Huh? I’m from there.

“I know, but for how long?”

I was born and raised there.

“Do you still know people there?”

Of course. I’m from there. I grew up there. Don’t you know people in the town you grew up in?

Yeah, but everyone could have moved away.”

Like ALL of my neighbors, all of my family, and all of my school friends?

“You went to school there?”

My parents are from there. My grandparents lived there, my great grandparents lived there, my great-great grandparents lived there. I’m from New York.

“Oh wow.”

Yes. We have supermarkets, too.

“What?! Where? I’ve been to New York, but I’ve never seen a supermarket. Like a big one? I’ve seen those little tiny markets.”

Those are bodegas–little grocery stores, corner stores. You do major grocery shopping at a supermarket, not a bodega.

“Where’d you grow up?”

I’m a Bronx girl.

“They have grocery stores in the Bronx, huh? Oh, but not in Manhattan.”

There are plenty of supermarkets in Manhattan.

“No! Really, where?”

Probably a block away from whatever hotel you were staying at.

“Shut up! Well I’ll be.”

Never ceases to amaze me how fascinated the rest of the US is about supermarkets in New York City.

“Why’d you move to Austin?”

I’m a weather refugee.

“What does that mean?”

I hate snow.

“We get snow.”

No you don’t.

“It does snow sometimes.”

That’s not snow.

“No, it really does snow here.”

Have you ever shoveled you car out for an hour, then had to wake up the next morning at 6am and do it again?

“Oh no. We don’t get snow like that.”

I know, which is why I live here.

“Wait, you had a car? I thought you said you were from New York.

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